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Solder paste S3X58-HF1100, 600gr

Artikelkod 703900

Vad vill du veta om Solder paste S3X58-HF1100, 600gr?



Multi-feature Halogen-free LF Solder Paste

By adopting newly developed techniques through our expertise and experiences, has gained excellent results in all soldering features such as wetting, ICT testing, flux splattering, voiding, printing, tackiness, electrical reliability, halogen free, etc.
S3X58-HF1100 has applied a newly engineered flux technology in which solder particles are protected from being oxidized by an easy-to-remove protective layer and the antioxidant in the flux suppresses continued oxidation over time.

Such effects help save the amount of activator needed for oxidation prevention, as well as the activator capping technique which allows maximum activation strength when the solder is molten.

The flux formulation of S3X58-HF1100 solder paste is specifically designed to exhibit enhanced flux coagulation at the time when the solder starts to melt. Instant coagulation and evacuation of the liquified flux when the solder gets molten, brings about various benefits in soldering performance such as reduction in voiding rate and flux splattering, and improved wetting and ICT properties.

Composition: Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu

Particle size (μm): 20-38

Flux content (%): 11,7

Flux type: ROLO

Melting point (℃): 217-219

Viscosity (Pa.s): 190

Halide content (%): 0


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