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Universal filter R ESD safe MG100

Artikelkod 3FTR

Vad vill du veta om Universal filter R ESD safe MG100?



Universal filter R for MG100

The Universal filter can replace 2 other models. This pre-filter increases the life when filtering particles.
After the pre-filter is a HEPA filter of the same size and quality as used in the other models. After this comes a gas-filter with the same mix as used in the others.

This Universal filter has 50% heavier gas-filter.

The estimated life time is therefore 50% longer than standard MG75 filters and as long or better than the other filters, without any price increases.

Measurements: 390x178x370mm


RED plugs – one or two holes need to be plugged to make This filter compatible with the other filters. The larger plug is Used on top and the smaller one below. Instructions on what holes to plug are shown on the filter.

Pre-filter for FTR model incorporated in the top
To increase lifetime and decrease cost of ownership an unique exclusive design has been developed, “The incorporated pre-filter” which is included with each main filter. New pre-filters can be bought separately and are easy to change.

Technical specifications                                                   

The filters are built in Sweden, in materials that comply with the European Waste Catalogue - EWC code 15 00 02. These filters can be sent to the waste incineration plant if the particles and gases filtered can be handled by the waste incineration plant. Contact the local authorities for approval if you are uncertain.

Materials used in FTR filter model

Externally used material: Unique ESD approved surface for safe handling in EPA areas, natural rubber gasket. 

Internally used materials: Polystyrene plastic, Polypropylene plastic, Polyethylene plastic, Polyolefin melting glue. Gas filter filled with activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate. Pre-filter and HEPA filter made from glass fibre.


 All materials chosen for

Best performance, ESD safe management,

environmental friendly recycling


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