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Synthetic peelable mask 258ml

ACC 13 Synthetic peelable mask is a neutral acrylic latex material formulated as a temporary peelable solder mask designed to withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning operations. It may also be used as a peelable mask during the conformal coating. Also suitable for stencilling when larger surfaces are to be protected.

Has a colour change system (pink to translucent red) to show when the material is cured

Non corrosive to copper, gold or presoldered surfaces

  • Withstands molten solder - including lead free
  • RoHS compliant
  • Neutral, stable synthetic acrylic latex - ammonia free
  • Cured mask peels readily by hand
  • Min storage temperature 10°C
  • Max storage temperature 30°C
  • Viscosity A-Part mPas29000 mPas
  • Non Corrosive
  • RTV or Heat cure - Air Dry
  • Coating Thinner - Water
  • Solvent Resistance - Good
  • Humidity Resistance - Good

Apply directly from the bottle as a thin film (solder mask) or a bead (e.g. protection of connectors during conformal coating. The product may be air cured or heated to 60 or 80C. The product may be thinned with DI water if required.

Suggested thickness 20 – 30 thou / 0.020-0.030 inch / 500 – 750 micron



SC3001 optically clear silicone potting compound is ideal for LED potting and encapsulation due to its clarity when cured and its resistance to UV light and yellowing.

It’s a flexible two part resin system with a low viscosity making application easy and is particularly suited to applications where thin films are required due to its moisture cure nature.

It has a low hardness, so can be easily dug out if rework or repair is required and can operate in very wide temperature ranges due to its flexibility.

Key properties

  • Exceptionally wide temperature range
  • Optically clear: high level of clarity
  • Offers exceptional protection for electronics
  • Its low viscosity is easy to apply even in thin film
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing
  • Good UV resistance
  • RoHS Compliant

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